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Fellow Australians,

In October 2009 I gave the first of my two speeches to Parliament (see Home Page), in which I opposed the then emissions trading scheme.


In the closing paragraph of my first speech I warned the government, the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology (CSIRO/BoM) that "...truth is the daughter of time."


Now, after three years of trenchant denial by the government and CSIRO/BoM the truth is finally being exposed.


In his letter of August 2012 (see second dot point),The Hon Greg Combet, Minister for Climate Change and Energy Efficiency, confirmed that although many independent teams of climate scientists have analysed real world observations, which show that evaporative cooling increases by 7% or more for each 1-degree increase in temperature, the global climate models previously increased virtual evaporative cooling at only half this rate.


Minister Combet has confirmed that, just as I pointed out three years ago in my letter to his ministerial predecessor, Senator The Hon Kim Carr, and in my speeches to Parliament, the global climate models managed by CSIRO/BoM have this severe structural flaw programmed into them.


I started working with Mr Lawrence Cummings during 2009.  We rapidly came to the view that the government "...had colluded with the CSIRO to excuse them from having to give answers when asked probing right questions." and that the government had "...deliberately abrogated its fundamental responsibility to protect the interests of the people of Australia on climate change..."  Minister Carr was advised of our views in this letter and the CSIRO were advised of our views in this letter.


Our objective was to overcome this mendacious obfuscation by successive Labor federal governments and CSIRO/BoM and to expose the truth about global warming.


The truth about global warming is that 80% of predicted global warming is attributable to this now confirmed severe structural flaw in the global climate models.  Over the last three and a half years we have written many letters to federal ministers and the CSIRO pointing out this truth.


The government has finally confirmed (see second dot point) that there is a severe structural flaw in the CSIRO's climate models.  However, the rest of the letter makes it abundantly clear that the government has absolutely no intention of requiring the CSIRO to fix their climate models and provide correct predictions of global warming.  These correct predictions are needed to replace the grossly misleading predictions of potentially dangerous global warming previously given to Parliament and the people of Australia.  So we have achieved half of what we set out to do.  We need your help to accomplish the remainder of our task.


We are concerned that the global warming scandal will damage the reputation of the CSIRO and the Bureau of Meteorology and of Science more generally and so advised Minister Carr in the final paragraphs of this letter.  As you can see from the letters posted on my web site, we have spent over three years trying to persuade the CSIRO/BoM to give correct scientific advice to Parliament and the Australian people.


However, Lawrence and I have both been told repeatedly in writing by the government and the CSIRO that we needed to make our views available for debate by the scientific community.  Because of the huge public policy implications, we decided to publish on my web site and make the Ministerial Correspondence available not only for scientific, but also for public discussion and analysis.

In his final letter for Mr Cummings, Minister Evans said "I would like to wish Mr Cummings well in his future endeavours." Minister Evans was referring to advice in his earlier letter that Mr Cummings should publish.


It appears that even now the government has not demanded, nor has the CSIRO/BoM carried out the following remedial work:-

·       Reconfigure the global climate models to ensure that the models increase virtual evaporative cooling by 7% or more for each 1-degree increase in surface temperature.  This will fix the severe structural flaw in the global climate computer models.

·       Carry out new computer simulations of future climates to provide corrected forecasts of future global warming.  These new computer simulations are expected to predict that a mooted doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide would cause an increase of 0.6-degrees in surface temperature and NOT the present 4-degrees to over 6-degrees (see Climate Facts & Calculations).

·       Report the results of these new simulations to Parliament and the Australian people.


What you can do to be charged less for the gas and electricity you use:

Phone and EMAIL your local Member of Parliament and insist that the CSIRO/BoM carry out the necessary remedial work and report back to Parliament and the Australian public.

(You can find the email address by typing your MP's name into Google.)  

As a former Member I can assure you that when the phones run hot and the emails flood in we take lots of notice.


During my time as a Member of Parliament I was very conscious of my responsibility to protect the well being and prosperity of my constituents in the seat of Hughes specifically, and for all my fellow Australians generally.


As a mother and grandmother I have no wish to put at risk the well being of future generations.


When political groups began to promote the proposition that man made emissions of carbon dioxide might and even would cause potentially dangerous global warming I followed the debate very closely.


During 2009 it became clear that what started as a genuine environmental concern had been subverted and was being exploited for primarily political and tax raising purposes.


I was advised of explicit, plain language and unrefuted evidence that science based on observational data was being rejected in favour of an unsubstantiated and scientifically counter intuitive theory.  This theory, that the global water cycle slowed down as the climate warms, was programmed into the global climate models and accounted for about 80% of predicted potentially dangerous global warming.


Only 20% or around 0.6-degrees of predicted global warming was attributable to a mooted doubling of atmospheric carbon dioxide (see Climate Facts & Calculations).


For over a decade, the people of Australia and our school children in particular have been subjected to a politically motivated scare campaign.  There has been endless propaganda about how the man-made emissions of carbon dioxide, that are so essential to maintaining our way of life, will cause all manner of terrible calamities.


Children and their parents have been and still are bombarded with scare stories blaming any and all extreme weather events, melting glaciers, droughts, bush fires and the future loss of coastal land and homes on the burning of fossil fuels.


I sincerely hope that those of you who are concerned enough to read the concise, clearly presented and well illustrated discussions of climate science, and perhaps only dip into the lengthy records of ministerial correspondence, will do what you can to help bring an end to the unscientific scare campaign against carbon dioxide emissions.

With kind regards.


The Hon Danna Vale



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